Are You Opening An Optometry Practice?

Posted on: 18 December 2019

Until now, have you been working with other optometrists? If you have decided that you would rather have your own independent practice, you have more than likely taken care of things like building permits for your new office. Maybe you are now at the point where you are going to be decorating the different rooms of your practice. If that's the case, from the reception area to the other rooms that are part of your facility, here are some ideas that might help you.

Go With A Commercial Interior Designer - Because you are probably extremely busy, you have probably decided to work with an interior designer. Look for one that does commercial designing. Besides finding an interior designer who has all of the credentials needed, find one who is passionate about making your optometry facility attractive and unique. 

Before you even meet with the designer, have some ideas in mind of the look you want to present to your patients. For example, do you want a contemporary feeling or a traditional one? 

If you want a contemporary mood in your optometry office, the designer will probably shop for furnishings that have simple designs. Neutral colors like black, white, off-white, and tan will more than likely be background colors, while splashes of bold colors like red, yellow, turquoise, and blue will be used to add interest to the area that is being decorated.

If you want a traditional setting, the designer will more than likely focus on things like wooden furniture that has a bit of an elegant feeling to it. Subtle colors will probably be used along with bolder ones, and patterns will be chosen that will complement each other.

Maybe you want a playful mood in the facility that is being decorated. You and the designer can brainstorm to make that happen. For instance, maybe you'll have cute pictures of animals that are all wearing different styles of eyeglasses. Pictures of famous celebrities who wear glasses will add some pizzaz to the rooms, too.

You can decorate according to the seasons for a playful mood, too. For example, with Christmas almost here, elves wearing glasses could be shown, along with the usual Santa who wears spectacles. When Valentine's Day is near, hearts with happy faces that have glasses on them would be very effective. Later, bunny rabbits or jack-o-lanterns could also sport great-looking glasses.

As you brainstorm with your commercial interior designer, just make sure that you are both on the same page. If you wanted the famous Mona Lisa wearing dark glasses instead of regular ones, make sure the designer understands that.


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