Creative Ways To Frame Photographs Of Nature

Posted on: 12 December 2018

Photographs of nature can bring you back to moments that you enjoyed peace and solitude while appreciating the unblemished beauty of the woods, a water feature, or a majestic mountaintop. If you are an avid photographer, but have been stacking proof of your adventures in nondescript totes in your bedroom closet, break out the containers and frame some of the beautiful pictures so that you can enjoy them every day.

Use A Trio Of Similar Frames

Small photographs may not receive the attention that they deserve if miniature frames are used to house the pictures. Instead of choosing a small frame style, opt for larger frames and add a group of pictures to one bare wall in your home. First, purchase three similar frames that are the same size and made out of the same material.

A solid black or white frame, for instance, will complement a picture that contains a wide range of colors and the frame will not draw attention away from the picture that it surrounds.

Go through your photograph collection and choose three pictures that correspond to a single adventure that you partook in. Center one photograph in each large frame that you have purchased. Use a picture hanging kit to secure the pictures alongside one another on the wall.

Create An Art Studio Style Wall

If you have ever visited some art studios, you may have noticed a common style that each of them share. Many studios incorporate a large grouping of photographs on a singular wall, providing visual appeal, depth, and creativity. You can recreate this type of style in your own home by using picture frames that are various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Pick out the pictures that you would like to display and go shopping for a wide array of frames. Be daring and think of creative ways that you can house the pictures so that the finished display will stand out.

The studio style wall can be set up behind a couch or alongside a fireplace and ensemble of furnishing. Just remember that the area that you choose should be one that you tend to spend quite a bit of time in so that you can enjoy the full benefit of viewing the photos.

Use Twigs Or Wood Pieces To Design Your Own Frames

Natural materials that are used to design a custom frame will enhance the still shots you have taken while exploring outdoors. First, purchase a couple plain frames that are constructed of wood or plastic. Go outdoors to gather up some twigs or wood pieces that you would like to adorn the frames with.

Line the twigs or wood pieces around each frame and use a light coating of wood glue to attach the twigs and wood pieces to each frame. Brush a wood sealant over the twigs and wood after the glue has dried. Insert one photo in each custom picture frame before displaying the homemade creations.


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