Composite Vs. Real Wood Floors

Posted on: 22 November 2017

Redoing your floor is going to be a big remodel, but one that is well worth it. An old floor can make your home look outdated and out of style. It can be hard to decide what product to install since there are so many options on the market. This article specifically compares composite wood floors with real wood floors.

Using Real Hardwood Planks

Many types of hardwood have been used in all sorts of residential flooring. Species like maple, bamboo, pine, and mahogany are loved for their durability and natural style. There are many great things about natural hardwood floors. Perhaps the best thing, besides the style, is the ability to change and customize your hardwood whenever you want. That is, you can remove the existing stain and apply a new finish to completely redefine the way that your floor looks. It basically gives your hardwood a new lease on life, updating the style, and reinforcing the waterproof finish.

Homeowners are often interested in the look of hardwoods, but don't want to deal with any of the maintenance. If this is what you are most interested in, you should consider composite products. Composite woods are made up of ground up and recycled wood that is held together with glue. The visible part of the flooring plank is actually a printed piece of vinyl or laminate. That is, the core of the planks are actually made out of wood composite, but the visible part is not.

Obviously, the printed finishes don't look quite as stylish or as authentic as real hardwood. That being said, most homeowners are really surprised how detailed and natural these prints can look. They have randomized markings, realistic knots, multiple colors, marks from saws, and texture to make them look as much like real wood as possible.

Of course, most people choose and a composite product because they don't want to deal with any maintenance. Maintaining a composite wood floor is very simple, it is similar to owning a material like linoleum or vinyl. You can be easily cleaned with water, and it doesn't ever need to be waterproofed.

In the end, the choice is simple. Choose real hardwood if you want a more authentic look and are willing to put up with the maintenance. Choose composite wood planks if you want the look of real hardwood, but don't want the headache of any of the maintenance.

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