4 Things Your Interior Designer Needs To Know To Design The Perfect Room For Your Child

Posted on: 25 May 2016

If you're planning to redecorate your child's bedroom, it may be wise to solicit the help of an interior designer. A professional designer can help ensure that your child's room looks well put together and fashionable. Still, in order for the design project to turn out the way that you intend, there are several things that you will need to communicate to the interior designer. Here are a few of them: 

The Age of the Child

Before starting to design the room, the interior designer will need to know the age of your child. An infant's bedroom will be designed much differently from that of a preteen. The bed size, room amenities and safety features are often age-based.

Your Child's Favorite Things

It is also important to share your child's favorite hobbies, toys, and characters. Knowledge of what your child likes can help the interior designer to design a room that is customized for your youngster. In addition, even though your child will not have designed his or her bedroom space, he or she will feel completely at home in a space that is filled with the things that the child loves.

Your Child's Activities

If your child loves to read it, an special reading nook or chair can help incorporate the child's passion into the room. In addition, a child who collects butterflies or other objects could have a display area in the room. Since the room will likely be one of the spaces in your home that your child occupies most often, it will need to accommodate his or her regular activities.

Your Child's Favorite Colors

The colors that are selected for the space should flow with the overall color scheme of your home, but they should also include many of the colors that your child finds attractive. If a child's favorite color is pink, the entire room does not necessarily have to be pink, but the interior designer can incorporate the color into the living space in a way that embodies the child's preferences and personality.

Your Child's Allergies

Allergies that may be inflamed by carpeting or rug choices can help the designer find a suitable floor covering for your child's room. In addition, if the fabric that will be used on the bedspread or drapes will be irritating for your child's skin or respiratory system, alternatives can be used.

To design the perfect bedroom for your child, schedule a consultation with an interior designer in your area.


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