2015 Trends in Commercial Interior Design

Posted on: 12 May 2015

If you are considering an updated look for your business spaces, a commercial designer is the professional you are looking for. A remodeling for your reception, office, and meeting spaces could lead to not only a favorable first impression for your customers, but a more pleasant and productive work space for your employees. Professional commercial interior designers use their expertise and specialized knowledge of functional design to create attractive work spaces. If you are thinking of upgrading your business's image, here are some design trends to watch for in 2015:

Locally Sourced Products

Farm-to-table sourcing for restaurants and markets signals a huge trend, and commercial design is being influenced as well. Local products that are crafted or manufactured in your city or state make a statement about your pride in your local area. From unique treasures from local artists to adorn your walls to local materials for your flooring, the popularity of this movement is growing larger every year and can lend your work space a personal and warm atmosphere.

Shared Work Spaces

Personal work spaces are becoming smaller as shared community space in the work place is expanding. The trend toward collaborative areas, such as lounges, cafes and meeting spaces mean that individual work areas are decreasing. Spaces that can do double-duty are increasingly popular, as seen in large rooms that can be divided with movable partitions and that can multi-task. Meeting, teleconferencing, and eating can all be done in the same space if properly planned and designed.

Black and White

Bold and graphic black and white are emerging as major trends in design across everything from interior design to clothing and jewelry. The look is clean and sharp, with graphic patterns in traditional motifs like herringbone and checkerboard. Folkloric influences are seen here as well with stylized florals and whimsical prints. This design theme can be seen in flooring, wall treatments, carpets, upholstery, and window treatments.

Other Trends

  • More glass, especially used as dividers in small spaces.
  • Femininity in color and shape, most often seen in restaurant and retail design.
  • Industrial meets rustic with the combination of exposed pipes and the use of natural wood materials.

As you can see, these commercial design trends above can transform your work space by making it more functional and attractive. Your customers and employees alike will appreciate the extra effort put into the creation of a work-friendly and pleasing environment. Your commercial interior design consultant , from a company like JJ Associates Design, Inc, will work with you to transform your ideas into reality.


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