The Hottest Trends In Hardwood Flooring

Posted on: 21 April 2015

There is simply no substitute for the beauty and warmth of hardwood floors. Your home is a retreat, and the welcoming glow of nature's finest gift is irreplaceable. Hardwood floors are available in a surprising array of choices, so if you are considering new hardwood flooring, read on for the top trends available now.

Wider and Longer Planks

Traditional floors have usually measured about 2-3.5" wide, but newer offerings can go as wide as 10". These planks come much longer now as well, up to 6 feet, allowing for an overall smoother and more seamless look for your floors. Wider planking enhances smaller rooms by giving floors more of an unbroken line, allowing your eye to travel without interruption across the space.


For the most earth-friendly option in floors, nothing beats bamboo for sustainability. Bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree, and grows incredibly quickly. In fact, bamboo can grow 47" in 24 hours, so you can see how environmentally important bamboo is. Bamboo also results in flooring that is harder and more durable than oak.

Darker Shades

The biggest trend in color is dark; including ebony, mahogany, dark cherry and dark walnut. Deep, rich shades add glamour and sophistication that goes beyond the traditional shades of brown.

Vintage or Distressed

The "shabby chic" look is bigger that ever, and the casual look of floors that have that "lived-in" look can be found pre-distressed. The look is accomplished in the factory, with machines that press the wood with well-thought out imperfections. Some are available hand distressed, done by literally beating on the plank with bags of metal objects.


Hand-scraping is similar to distressing, in that new floors are made to look vintage. This process more closely mimics old flooring, complete with worm holes, dings and the look of wear and tear. This type of finish is perfect for busy areas that will get a lot of wear, since new damage will simply blend in.

Lime Washed

At the other end of the spectrum of dark woods are lime washed, or pickled. This process results in a soft, lighter color. Originating in Europe, this type of finish is very appropriate for coastal homes or anyone who loves the look of lighter shades.

As you can see, these trends represent wonderful new ways to express your personal design preferences. Hardwood flooring shows off your traditional values, while these trends allow you to elevate your style with up-to-the-minute interpretations. Go to your local flooring store to see these gorgeous new looks for yourself. (For more information, go to or another site)


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